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Photos on Our Site

Every photo showing a before, after, or during photo of a home or business painting is an actual project we have worked on. Thus, our photos are not always as perfect as found on other home improvement websites. However, they do a much better job of conveying what to expect should you choose to utilize our services, compared to stock or staged photos.

Customer Reviews on Our Site

Multiple unedited customer reviews are displayed on out site. You will notice we are frequently called ADT Painting instead of ATD Painting in reviews. We have left these and other typos unedited to maintain the integrity of the reviews. These reviews can be soon on GoogleYelpNextdoor or Angi – All places you will find ATD has an excellent reputation.

How We Treat Personal Information Provided on Our Site

Name, address, phone number, and email addresses are all kept confidential. They will be used to coordinate your estimate, a follow-up after your estimate, and to coordinate the work, should you choose to move forward with us. There will be nothing to unsubscribe from, no newsletters, and no marketing of any kind.